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We, Franciscan friars, are not only the custodians of the Christian Holy Places, in order to preserve their value. We also have the mission to make those stones living stones, to work so that they speak to the hearts and the minds of all those who undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land so that they can see the “simple stones” as “armed stones” through faith.

For more than 800 years the Custos of the Holy Land has been looking after the Shrines of the Christian communities in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Rhodes.

In addition to our presence in the Shrines, the Custody of the Holy Land has over 15 schools of different levels and a center for Biblical studies, performs social activities to help the poorest in these areas martyrized by war and the lack of work, and runs facilities to host pilgrims.

The work of the Franciscans in the Holy Land has been possible thanks to the generosity of many Christians who have supported their presence over the centuries.

You can help us too

You can help by donating in your parish during the Pro Terra Santa Collection which takes place every year, contact the Commissariats of the Holy Land in your area, or by donating directing to the Custody of the Holy Land in the ways listed below.

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